Weekdays from 8am to 11am

Eggs Benedict (sml 5.50 lrg 10.50)

Eggs Royale (sml 6.50 lrg 12)

Eggs Florentine (V) (sml 5.00 lrg 9.50)

The full Tanner breakfast
Cumberland sausage, black pudding, bacon, grilled
plum tomato, woodland mushrooms, baked beans, egg
as you like it, sourdough toast (13)

The Veggie Tanner
(or we’ll do it vegan for you, just ask)
Veggie sausage, grilled plum tomato, smashed avocado,
woodland mushrooms, baked beans, steamed spinach,
egg as you like it, sourdough toast (12)

On Sourdough
Smashed avocado, Poached egg, super sprouts (v) (8.50)

Double fried Burford Brown egg (V) (7)

Grilled plum tomatoes (vg) (6)

Woodland mushrooms (v) (8)

Service charge 12.5% is up to you